Not Giving Up Yet.

I’ll never forget the first time I rode Palomar (the favorite local canyon riding spot). I had only been riding a month or so, and on my little 250 with my meager riding experience, I couldn’t even hope to keep up with the group… But even still, it was the best. feeling. ever.     … [Read More]

I’m trapped in my hotel room during an epic rain storm at the moment. Being a California girl, things like lightning and thunder are totally foreign and somewhat terrifying to me. Last night, I decided to test out the route builder on my new Garmin bicycle computer and it got me back to the hotel, … [Read More]

With Love, from Spain

So, those of you that have been following this crazy, dream-chasing adventure of mine, probably know that I’m married to a pretty awesome guy. Joshie-Squashie (as I like to affectionately call him… it’s simply Hayes when I’m less than happy, ha!) is pretty much my best friend and partner in crime (also he’s a fairly … [Read More]

I had really hoped to stay more on top of the blogging this season, so I’m a bit sad that I’ve taken so long to tell my story from Jerez. The truth is, a few weeks ago I used up all the funny and upbeat ways I could think of to talk about crashing. So… … [Read More]

So, here I am on an uncomfortably bumpy plane ride home from Daytona. I knew I needed to write this blog about how my 200 went this year, but of course (as anyone who was there could probably guess) I’ve sort of been avoiding it. As a matter of fact, I even paid $15 for … [Read More]