Well, just as I imagined- sitting out the race at Barber Motorsports Park was torture. The last time I missed a race I meant to take part in I was at least on crutches with various titanium pieces and numerous staples holding my leg together. Being in perfect health with all of your equipment there at the race track while you play tourist is a whole other ball of wax.


As I mentioned in my last blog, the reason for missing Barber and Mid-Ohio has to do with my quickly dwindling budget. To say I’ve tripped over a few hurdles this season would be an understatement. A lot of people have been asking about what’s going on- and the truth is, its a lot of things all tangled together. It would be nice to heap all the blame somewhere but that would take too much energy away from finding a solution. The truth is that the amount of luck it has taken for me to have gotten the experiences I’ve had at this point is unbelievable. There have been so many times when I thought I’d never figure out how to find the money to go racing, only to have it work out at the eleventh hour; its kind of inevitable that at some point this would happen.


That all being said- the amount of support I received from all of my friends, family, fans and sponsors after announcing my situation has been unbelievable. I’ve struggled more racing this year than I ever have. At times it felt like the more I put into it and the harder I worked, the worse things got. It’s been one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever dealt with. So, in the midst of all of that to get the overwhelming support of everyone was so amazing and humbling.


So I guess where I’m going with this rambling blog is that I just really want to say thank you to everyone who donated, bought a t-shirt, sent an email or said a prayer for me. It’s meant the world to me. It made watching everyone else race at Barber a tiny bit more bearable. It made me even more grateful for the opportunity I had to to test at NOLA. And its giving me even more motivation to get my program sorted out to be back on the track in old form at Laguna Seca.


Oh… did I mention that I have t-shirts for sale? (nudge, nudge. wink, wink. ) www.melissaparis.com/products






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  2. Keep up the fighting attitude, if things in life were easy, we truly would not appreciate and be grateful for the things we work for. It doesnt make it easy it is just the way it is. Wish you best of everything and will look forward to seeing you on the grid at Laguna.

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  5. Read a thread about you and your stuggles and know how you feel after I have helped Miles Thornton(#72) AMA Supersport. Bought a T-shirt and some underwear!!! Best of luck.

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